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<YBM English> six-hundredth issue was published.
YBM/Sisa.com administers IC3, ACA, both internationally used IT tests.
YBM Engloo opened Lapton, an English lab school, in Japan.
Participants in WEST, an overseas internship program, were selected based on TOEIC Speaking Test results.
YBM supported KATUSA's volunteer English camp program for elementary students.
Thirteen subjects of YBM's middle and high school textbooks passed in the 2007 session of textbook authorization.
Korea International School (KIS) added a new building.
Two-hundredth test of TOEIC was administered.
YBM Test of Chinese Characters for Business got the status of a nationally authorized test.
YBM Phone, a phone English conversation program, started its services in the New York branch.
YBM initiated the Pyeong Taek English Education Center on contract with the Gyeonggi-do local government.
YBM Phone, a phone English conversation program, started its services in Canada.
YBM Phone initiated an English education service that uses the Internet for live video conversations.
YBM Phone initiated a phone conversation program for Chinese.
YBM received awards in the areas of publication, language institute, junior language institute, phone English conversation program in the Chosun Awards 2008.
YBM/Premier, a language institute, introduced parts of Harvard University's IEL (Institute for English Language) Programs for teaching students.
YBM Engloo received an award in the Korea Franchise Grand Prize 2008.
YBM Phone initiated a phone conversation program for Japanese.
YBM got a license from the Associated Press to use its contents as learning material.
YBM initiated its Korean Proficiency Examination(KPE) in Korea and China.
YBM PNT(YBM Phone and Talk), Philippines Language Call Center of YBM, opened.
YBM initiated Test of Spoken Chinese(TSC) and Spoken Japanese Proficiency Test(SJPT).
YBM initiated Nowon English Village Wolgye Camp on contract with the Nowon-gu local government.
Education Program for Gifted Youth of Stanford University inaugurated.
YBM Engloo, a language lab school, inaugurated.
YBM Premier, a language institute specializing in speaking, inaugurated.
YBM/Sisa.com administers Adobe Certified Associate test.
YBM/Sisa.com exported the computing solutions for TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests to Taiwan.
SunShik Min, president of YBM, was awarded an honorary OBE(Officer of the British Empire).
YBM/Sisa.com exported the computing solution for TOEIC and Arari Show, a clay animation series, to Japan.
National Geographic Korean Edition and the Ministry of Environment co-hosted the first One Hundred Thousand Treasure Stories in Korea photo contest.
YBM/Sisa.com established the digital contents management system in Chiyoda Library in Japan.
DemiDec Language Institute, a language institute specializing in SAT and TOEFL preparation, inaugurated.
YBM provided Oxford University with an endowment to support a program in Korean Studies.
YBM Philippines Language Center (YBM PLC) opened.
YBM/Sisa.com administers Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) test in Beijing.
YBM initiates Seoul English Village Suyu Camp on contract with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
YBM Language Institute ranks first in Korea Management Associations Brand Power List for third consecutive year.
YBM Language Institute administers an associate degree course for Aichi Sangyo University.
YBM initiated Happy Suwon English Village on contract with the Gyeonggi-do local government.
YBM funded Kansas Universitys plan to build a monument to the Korean War.
YBM Phone, a phone English conversation program, inaugurated.
Junior English Test (JET) Speaking test initiated.
YBM Leadership Academy, a youth leadership program, inaugurated.
YBM Test of Chinese Characters for Business initiated.
YBM English One-to-One, an individualized tutoring program, inaugurated.
YBM Language Institute provides a prep-course for admission to the Eastern University (USA) bachelor degree in nursing.
YBM/Sisa.com listed on Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ).
YBM Beijing Language and Culture University Chinese Language School opened in Seoul.
Korea International School, a YBM affiliate, received accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the USA.
YBM Education, China opened in Beijing in association with Loyola Marymount University.
CNN study programs launched at YBM ECC.
The number of applicants for the TOEIC exceeded 2.0 million.
The YBM Chinese Institute opened in Seoul.
The YBM Home School founded.
YBM contributed an endowment fund for Korea Institute at Harvard University
The YBM Japanese Institute opened in Seoul.
The TOEIC Bridge Test launched.
ELS Toronto opened.
International Communication Foundation (ICF) funded UBC in Canada for establishing the Young Bin Min Chair in Korean Literature and Literary Translation.